Airpower Journal

Winter 1987-88

Volume I, No. 3

AFRP 50-2

The following articles are available from the Winter 1987-88 Airpower Journal.


Position Update
Col Keith W. Geiger, USAF


Air Battle 2000 in the NATO Alliance: Exploiting Conceptual
and Technological Advances
Maj Gen Perry M. Smith, USAF Retired

Hogs in the Rear: A-10s in Rear Operations
Maj Darrel D. Whitcomb, USAFR

Sowing the Seams: Strategic Bombers Versus Follow-on Forces
Col Martin T. Daack, USAF

US Air Force Operations and Intelligence: Getting It Together
Capt Brian P. Tice, USAF

From Project Thumper to SDI: The Role of Ballistic Missile
Defense in US Security Policy
Dr Daniel S.Papp

Counterrevolution in Namibia
Maj Robert C. Owen, USAF

Female Air Force Pilots and Combat Aircraft: "The Right Stuff"
Has No Gender
Maj Sandra L. Bateman, USAF

Better Writing: A Heretic's View
Col Samuel E. Riddlebarger, USAF, Retired

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