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Published: 1 March 2010
Air & Space Power Journal - Spring 2010



We’re always looking for good, thought-provoking articles up to 5,000 words in length. We will return articles substantially longer than that to the author without review. We edit all submissions in accordance with AU-1, Air University Style and Author Guide (available online at http://www.aupress.au.af.mil/Resources/style/austyle_guide.pdf), a process that may include grammatical and structural as well as stylistic changes. Because ASPJ serves an international audience and is readily available to foreign individuals, organizations, and governments, information contained in the article must be unclassified, nonsensitive, and releasable to the public.

Please assure that the articles you submit are concise and straightforward; moreover, the active voice should predominate. Avoid overusing jargon and “mission specific” language since it reduces coherency and reflects a lack of creativity and careful thought. Titles should catch a reader’s attention rather than serve as an executive summary or overview of the article.

We seek articles that teach and/or persuade; therefore, we rarely use thesis papers in their original form because they function principally as learning tools for students.

Because ASPJ is a scholarly journal, you will need to include citations for all but the most basic submissions (e.g., Ricochets and Replies). Do not include bibliographies, lists of works referenced, or appendices; instead, include all information in the body of the article or appropriate endnotes, which must be hyperlinked to the text referenced. We accept only black-and-white, noncopyrighted graphics, which you should send as separate files, with a placeholder included in the document to show approximate location.

For further details, see our submissions guidelines at http://www.airpower.au.af.mil/airchronicles/howto1.html. You can contact us by e-mail at aspj@maxwell.af.mil; phone at DSN 493-2949 (commercial [334] 953-2949); or fax at DSN 493-5811.

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