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Air & Space Power Journal - Fall 2007
Fall 2007 available for downloading in PDF format.
Fall 2007 – Volume XXI, No. 3 AFRP 10-1

Air & Space Power Journal articles are available in .pdf and html formats.  For an electronic (e-mail) subscription, go to the “Subscription Center” at the Air Force Link Web site

Senior Leader Perspective Revisiting Leadership in the Armed Forces Air Commodore Aslam Bazmi, Pakistani Air Force, Retired
Focus Area Coalition Operations Lt Col Paul D. Berg, USAF, Chief, Professional Journals
Features Predator Command and Control: An Italian Perspective Col Ludovico Chianese, Italian Air Force
Military Institutional Communication: Its Geostrategic Importance Dr. Alexandre Sergio da Rocha
Offensive Airpower with Chinese Characteristics: Development, Capabilities, and Intentions

Erik Lin-Greenberg
A Rescue Force for the World: Adapting Airpower to the Realities of the Long War
Lt Col Marc C. "Dip" DiPaolo, USAFR
Col Lee dePalo, USAF
Col Michael T. "Ghandi" Healy, USAF
Lt Col Glenn "Hooter" Hecht, USAF
Lt Col Mike "Trump" Trumpfheller, USAF
DepartmentsTo Top of Page
Prelaunch Notes Celebrating the Air Force's 60th Birthday and Presenting the Latest Chronicles Online Journal Article Lt Col Paul D. Berg, USAF, Chief, Professional Journals
Ricochets and Replies
The Merge Lean Is No Flavor of the Month
Randall Schwalbe
Staying in Touch
Col Stephen Schwalbe, PhD, USAF
Reply to “Maj Gen William ‘Billy’ Mitchell: A Pyrrhic Promotion
Lt Col Donald G. Rehkopf Jr., USAFR
The “Hyphenated Airman”: Some Observations on Service Culture Lt Col D. Robert "Bob" Poynor, USAF, Retired
PIREPs  A New Form of Air Warfare
Lt Tim Larribau, French Air Force
The Servicio de Vigilancia Aérea: Defending Costa Rican Sovereignty
Mario E. Overall
Nash in Najaf: Game Theory and Its Applicability to the Iraqi Conflict Dr. Hank J. Brightman
Ira C. Eaker Award Winners
Vignettes       The Sputnik Legacy: 50 Years in Retrospect Lt Col John E. Shaw, USAF
The Cuban Missile Crisis: Forty-Five Years in the Balance Charles Tustin Kamps
Review Essay True Confessions of an Ex-Chauvinist Fodder for Your Professional Reading on Women and the Military Dr. David R. Mets
Doctrine Notes Revised USAF Doctrine Publication: Air Force Doctrine Document 2-1.8, Counter-Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Operations Lt Col Charles E. Costanzo, PhD, USAF, Retired
Book ReviewsTo Top of Page Space: The Frontiers of Modern Defence K. K. Nair
Reviewer: Dr. Raminder Kaur
A Perfect Hell: The True Story of the Black Devils, the Forefathers of the Special Forces John Nadler
Reviewer: Jim McClain
Liaison Pilot James R. Bryce
Reviewer: Col James E. Roper, USAF, Retired
Forging the Shield: Eisenhower and National Security for the 21st Century Dennis E. Showalter
Reviewer: Dr. Roy F. Houchin II
Mavericks of the Sky: The First Daring Pilots of the U.S. Air Mail Barry Rosenberg and Catherine Macaulay
Reviewer: Col Phillip S. Meilinger, USAF, Retired
Powerful and Brutal Weapons: Nixon, Kissinger, and the Easter Offensive Stephen P. Randolph
Reviewer: Dr. David R. Mets
From POW to Blue Angel: The Story of Commander Dusty Rhodes Jim Armstrong
Reviewer: CAPT D. Scott Thompson, USN, Retired
300 días en Afganistan Natalia Aguirre Zimerman
Reviewer: Lt Col Paul D. Berg, USAF
Afghanistan and the Troubled Future of Unconventional Warfare Hy S. Rothstein
Reviewer: Maj Benjamin R. Maitre, USAF
The Spectacle of Flight: Aviation and the Western Imagination, 1920-1950 Robert Wohl
Reviewer: Dr. Mark J. Conversino
Securing America's Future: National Strategy in the Information Age Daniel M. Gerstein
Reviewer: Capt Raymond P. Akin IV, USAF
Battle-Wise: Seeking Time-Information Superiority in Networked Warfare David C. Gompert, Irving Lachow, and Justin Perkins
Reviewer: Maj David Benson
Blazing the Trail: The Early History of Spacecraft and Rocketry Mike Gruntman
Reviewer: Lt Col Kenneth Allison
The Cambodian Campaign: The 1970 Offensive and America's Vietnam War John M. Shaw
Reviewer: Dr. Nicholas Evan Sarantakes
And Nothing Is Said: Wartime Letters, August 5, 1943-April 21, 1945 Michael N. Ingrisano Jr.
Reviewer: Lt Col Kristine E. Blackwell
Buffaloes over Singapore: RAF, RAAF, RNZAF and Dutch Brewster Fighters in Action over Malaya and the East Indies, 1941-1942 Brian Cull with Paul Sortehaug and Mark Haselden
Reviewer: Capt Murdock M. Moore, USAF
Battle-Tested: Carrier Aviation in Afghanistan and Iraq Rebecca Grant
Reviewer: Col Joe McCue, USAF
Warriors and Scholars: A Modern War Reader Peter B. Lane and Ronald E. Marcello, eds.
Reviewer: Dr. John H. Barnhill
Old Glory Stories: American Combat Leadership in World War II Cole C. Kingseed
Reviewer: Lt Col Richard Hughes
Becoming Eichmann: Rethinking the Life, Crimes, and Trial of a "Desk Murderer" David Cesarani
Reviewer: Dr. Frank P. Donnini, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF, Retired
Iraqi Security Forces: A Strategy for Success Anthony H. Cordesman
Reviewer: Maj Paul Niesen, USAF

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Fall Issue – 2007