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Winter 2001

Volume XV, No. 4

AFRP 10-1

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Flight Lines
Medicinal Thoughts

Ricochets and Replies


Focus: Aerospace Medicine

New Millennium, New Mind-Set: The Air Force Medical Service
in the Air Expeditionary Era
Lt Gen Paul K. Carlton Jr., USAF, MC, CFS

Challenges of Aeromedical Evacuation in the Post-Cold-War Era
Brig Gen Bruce Green, USAF

Operational Medical Support for the Tip of the Spear: The
Heart of Air Force Special Operations Forces (AFSOF) Medicine
Col James J. Dougherty, USAF, MC, CFS, DMO

Linking Resource Allocation to Performance Management and
Strategic Planning: An Air Force Challenge
Maj Gen Stephen R. Lorenz, USAF
Lt Col James A. Hubert, USAF
Maj Keith H. Maxwell, USAF

Ira C. Eaker Award Winners

Silver Flag: A Concept for Operational Warfare
Col Bobby J. Wilkes, USAF

The Cult of the Quick
Dr. Thomas Hughes

Thinking about China and War
Dr. Jeffrey Record

Airpower versus a Fielded Army: A Construct for Air Operations
in the Twenty-First Century
Lt Col Phil M. Haun, USAF


C-9 Nightingale: From Dedicated Aeromedical Evacuation to
Theater Transport
Capt Gilles Van Nederveen, USAF


The War on Drugs: Two More Casualties
Lt Col Stephen P. Howard, USAF

Net Assessment 

Military Assistance: An Operational Perspective
William H. Mott IV
Reviewer: Capt Clifford E. Rich, USAF

Peal Harbor
Touchstone Pictures
Reviewer: Maj Gary Pounder, USAF, Retired

MacArthur and the American Century: A Reader
William M. Leary
Reviewer: Lt Youssef H. Aboul-Enein, USN

Desert Warriors: Australian P-40 Pilots at War in the Middle
East and North Africa, 1941-1943

Russell Brown
Reviewer: Maj Robert F. Tate, USAFR

Angels Zero: P-47 Close Air Support in Europe
Robert V. Brulle
Reviewer: Dr. Daniel Mortenson

Ripcord: Screaming Eagles under Siege, Vietnam 1970
Keith William Nolan
Reviewer: 1st Lt Glenn D. Leinbach, USAF

Attack and Die: Civil War Military Tactics and the Southern Heritage
Grady McWhiney and Perry D. Jamieson
Reviewer: Maj James P. Gates, USAF

The Myth of the Lost Cause and Civil War History
Garry W. Gallagher and Alan T. Nolan
Reviewer: Maj James P. Gates, USAF

The Cause Lost: Myths and Realities of Confederacy
William C. Davis
Reviewer: Maj James P. Gates, USAF

Drawn with the Sword: Reflections on the American Civil War
James M. McPherson
Reviewer: Maj James P. Gates, USAF

The Korean War
Korean Institute of Military History, introduction by Allan R. Millett
Reviewer: Kenneth P. Werrell

Right Backed by Might: The International Air Force Concept
Roger Beaumont
Reviewer: Col Phillip S. Meilinger, USAF, Retired

Black Sheep One: The Light of Gregory "Pappy" Boyington
Bruce Gamble
Reviewer: Lt Col Phil Bossert Jr., USAF

The Three Meter Zone: Common Sense Leadership for NCOs
J. D. Pendry
Reviewer: CMSgt Gilbert Duenas, USAF

Winter Journey through the Ninth: The Story of Tactical Air Power as
Illustrated by the Exploits of the Ninth Air Force in Europe

Harry A. Franck
Reviewer: Kenneth P. Werrell

The Second Luckiest Pilot: Adventures in Military Aviation
D. K. Tooker
Reviewer: C1C Brooke Carr, USAF Academy

The Ultimate Terrorist
Jessica Stern
Reviewers: Col (Dr.) Jim Davis and CDR Drew Mullin, USN

Touch and Go

Mission Debrief

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